3/27/23 Snow Storm Updates

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Updated 9:26 AM 3/27/23

Wow, that fell quickly!   Just as we thought this was a small 3-4″ storm, the storm kicked into high gear and ended up dumping about 7-10 inches across Northern Colorado.  This one caught everyone off guard and it looks like the snow has left our area for the day.  That being said, our crews are actively being deployed at the time of writing this. We will be working throughout the day today to get everyone cleared.  Our contract states that we will will have all snow removed within 24 hours of the snow stopping.  We will be well within that threshold.  

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns as we work through this unexpected snow storm. 

Stay Warm,

Joe Potkanowicz – GM

Precision Landscape and Maintenance



Updated 6:03 AM 3/27/23

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

This snow came out of left field.  Between the Saturday morning snow storm and this mornings snow storm, we are finally getting some spring moisture.  The depths we are seeing vary across Northern Colorado. The factor we need to take into consideration is snow compression and melting.     Below are the depths we are finding as the snow is still flying. 

Fort Collins – 3″

Loveland – 3″

Windsor – 5-6″

Berthoud – 4-5″

The temperatures throughout the day will melt a decent amount of this, however, we are still going to deploy on any job with a 2″ or lower trigger depth since the high today is only 37 degrees and any north facing areas have about 2 additional inches of accumulation than the south facing side. 

We will be deploying to our HOA’s when the snow stops here in the next couple hours and we are hopeful to get all of the snow removed by the end of the day today.

Please reach out to us VIA Chat or Email with any questions or concerns!

Joe Potkanowicz – GM

Precision Landscape and Maintenance

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  1. 3/27/23
    Morning Joe
    Re: HMGC Patio II
    We are really hoping this Spring snowfall can melt in a couple of days, yet I know we’re at 2” this morning with light snowfall expected thru this afternoon. We would like to hold off ant snow removal, until late this afternoon after it clears to know if we need service. We are again at our snow removal budget for the year, and trying to avoid over expenditures at this time.
    We may opt for only sidewalks if by this afternoon the snowfall accumulates beyond 3-4”.

    Appreciate your time & understanding!
    Stacey Mayrose
    can text me a comment

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