Wednesday 2/22/23 Snow Storm Updates

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Updated 1:19 AM 2/23/23

All of our crews are out in full force this morning clearing all of the snow that fell over the last 36 hours. Above you will see photos of the depth’s we are seeing around Northern Colorado.  If your trigger depth was 2″ or greater, we will be removing your snow today.  The only exception is North of Mulberry (HWY 14) in Fort Collins did not exceed the 2″ trigger.   Our crews will be working through the early morning hours and we should have the majority of your snow removed by sunrise. It is currently -10 degrees outside at the time of writing which means ice will be a concern. We will be applying ice melt on all jobs that requested it on the contract.   If you have any questions on snow removal, concerns about ice, etc, please reach out via the chat below or submit a ticket above. 

Stay Warm Today!

Joe Potkanowicz – GM

Updated 3:47 PM 2/22/23

This snow storm turned out to be less than we expected!   As of right now, we are planning on removing snow on any property with a 2″ trigger depth when the storm has concluded.  The snow will pick up over the next few hours and is projected to produce an add an additional half inch.  However, the predictions by the professionals have been less than accurate this storm.  All in all, I will let you all know of any changes to our plan as we watch this storm come to an end. 

Please let us know if there are any questions or concerns!

Joe Potkanowicz – GM


Updated 4:56 AM 2/22/23

Happy Wednesday!

The overnight snowfall across Northern Colorado was less than expected, however, it is not over yet.   Across the board we are looking at 1 – 1.5″ of accumulation as of early this morning.  What used to be one large storm system has broken up into bands of heavy snow that will be on and off throughout the day depending on your area.  We should expect around 1.5 – 2.5″ of additional accumulation and the storm will completely leave our area by midnight tonight.  All of our crews and plow trucks have been deployed for a couple hours now to service our commercial clients, and we will deploy the remainder of the crews later tonight when the storm has concluded.

I will update our dashboard and provide email updates as our plans change with the storm.

Enjoy the snow day!

Joe Potkanowicz – GM


Updated 4:14 PM 2/21/23

The biggest snow storm of the season could be coming overnight tonight!   Local school districts are preemptively closing for this storm.  This storm will kick off in full force around 8PM tonight and will slow down around 8AM tomorrow.  There are 4″ of snow currently projected to fall overnight.  From 8AM to 11PM tomorrow approximately 2″ are projected to fall.  We should see anywhere from 5-8″ across Northern Colorado.  We will be deploying crews to clear snow from our business clients at 4AM tomorrow and will be actively clearing them as the snow falls during business hours.  When the snow fully stops Wednesday night, we will deploy our crews to clear all of our properties.  Please note, we are expecting as low as -18 wind chill.  Our goal is to clear the majority of the snow during the night Wednesday, so you might hear our machines and crew outside of your home in the early morning hours.  

As the snow falls I will provide updates as our plans evolve with the storm. 

Stay Warm Tomorrow!

Joe Potkanowicz – GM

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