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Property Manager

Tara Tate

Rigden Farm Management

[email protected]

P- 970.481.5048 

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9-5

Precision Account Manager

Rane Dennis

Maintenance Account Manager

[email protected]


After Hours Emergency Phone Number

(970) 306-0201

Please Note, your association will be charged a minimum of $170 to respond to an emergency call.


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All Tickets for Property

  • Leaky Backflow

    Hey all!  This is the Exmoor backflow.  If we're able, let's get the system blown out.

  • Continuous Leak

    Hey guys!  This is the William Neal backflow by the pond.  

  • Cut irrigation line

    Hey guys!  When your crew mowed the field east of Chase they cut an irrigation line.  I shut the Exmoor…

  • Broken head

    Broken head to the ease of 2750 Denver by the manhole cover in the parkway strip.

  • Exmoor backflow leak – Urgent

    See Attached.  Leak at the exmoor backflow.  Pretty significant.

  • Broken head

    Broken sprinkler head along the south trail.  Map attached

  • Spraying weeds in rock beds

    Can you have your crew address the weeds in rock beds along trails?  The weeds are getting pretty bad, especially…

  • Broken head

    Hey all!  Broken head on the path on Percheron.  Pic and map attached

  • Broken head/irrigation leak

    Broken head along the south path.  See attached map

  • Haflinger backflow leak notice

    Received the attached notice about a leak on the Haflinger backflow.

  • Des Moines Backflow leak

    Hey guys!  The Des Moines backflow is leaking in the section behind the 2850 block of Breton Way in the…

  • Rigden Farms

    Des Moines clock zone #28 (along Ziegler). New solenoid installed but still only "clicking" and not turning on. May need…

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