Louden Ditch Update


I have just received word from the golf course that there has been some sort of damage to the ditch further up the line due to the flash flooding we’ve had in recent weeks. I was not given much information as to the nature of the problem, other than some sort of structure that helps divide the tributaries needs to be rebuilt. They have begun that process this week. 

As far as water is concerned, the golf course is no longer receiving any water from the ditch until further notice. They have not been given any sort of timeline as to when things will be back functioning. Could be a day, could be even a month or longer. If I had to guess, I would guess the later. 

The owner of the water shares we use has requested we switch to every other day water cycles to help preserve what water is stored on site. 

From Precision’s irrigation maintenance perspective, our irrigation is only set to run 3 days a week right now anyway, so our current schedule falls under this new “restriction”. At this time no scheduling changes will be made.

I am scheduled to speak to them for an update early next week, and will update you as I hear what’s going on. 

Again, at this time there will be no changes to the irrigation schedule, but as the situation develops, we may be forced to make some adjustments as we go through the reserves. 

All Precision Landscape and Maintenance properties are rain delayed until the end of the week. This was done before this news has received. We will continue to practice active water conservation as we head into this unknown situation, and I will be sure to update you as we go along. 

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions!

Riley Norlin

Maintenance Division Supervisor