Irrigation This Year

Water conservation is at the forefront of our thoughts this year as we begin turning on everyone’s irrigation systems. With that being said, as local water prices and demand continue to rise, most of our HOA’s and Property Managers have expressed the importance of protecting the HOA from high water usage to protect the budget. Kentucky bluegrass requires significantly more water than many other types of grass commonly used in Colorado lawns. In order to thrive, this grass needs a consistent supply of water. However, Colorado has a semi-arid climate with limited water resources, and many areas of the state are subject to water restrictions during times of drought. This can make it challenging to keep Kentucky bluegrass healthy without exceeding the available water supply. In addition to being wasteful, excessive water use can contribute to water scarcity and environmental degradation. This year, we will be reducing the overall water usage around your property compared to last year. We do this in hopes to be good stewards to not only the environment, but your HOA budgets.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Joe Potkanowicz
General Manager
Precision Landscape and Maintenance