Emerald Glen 1, 4, 5

Property Manager

Brenna Steinbrecher

All Property Services, Inc.

1630 South College Avenue

Fort Collins, CO 80525


P- 970.224.4445 X116  F- 970.224.4488

Office Hours: 8:30am – 12pm, 1pm – 5pm (Mon-Fri) Open By Appointment Only

Precision Account Manager

Rane Dennis

Maintenance Account Manager



After Hours Emergency Phone Number

(970) 306-0201

Please Note, your association will be charged a minimum of $170 to respond to an emergency call.


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All Tickets for Property

  • Sprinkler needs adjustment

    There is a sprinkler in the greenbelt that needs to be adjusted- its hitting someone's patio. The address is 2430…

  • Sprinkler

    We had someone worried that the sprinkler on the greenbelt behind 2550 Glen dale Dr. was going off for hours…

  • Grubs and weeds

    Could you please take a look at 4142 Stoneham Circle? They are stating that grubs and weeds from the greenbelt…

  • Sprinkler @ EG

    When it comes time to start the sprinklers again, could you please take a look at the area between the…

  • EG 1,4,5 Fence repair

    Remove sinking post, remove old concrete, re-pour, install post and re-connect rails. Behind 2779 Glendale Dr along Wilson Ave. Post…

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